Three Ideal Building Materials for Residential Decks

A new outdoor deck is a valuable feature, so you should consider adding the structure to your home. It will advance your options for outdoor living and entertainment by providing a comfortable area for relaxation. Moreover, the deck will increase the value of the home, which means that you will get more buyers and make more profits if you decide to resell. It is important for you to build a high-quality deck in order to obtain these benefits. One of the most critical aspects to evaluate is the building material because your choice will affect the durability, cost and ease of installation. Here are the main decking materials to consider installing in your home.

Natural Wood

The aesthetic value of natural wood will improve the overall appeal of the residential building. Therefore, it is a good choice for both contemporary and traditional homes. Moreover, wooden decks are durable, especially when high-quality timber is used during construction. On the other hand, you should consider the maintenance requirements of natural wood as a building material. The surface will be exposed to adverse outdoor conditions, so it will be susceptible to weather damage. You will need to seal the wood for protection and refinish to remove the blemishes. If you are willing to put in the extra work, you should build a natural wood deck.


Composite wood is an eco-friendly alternative to natural wood, therefore the material is very popular in the modern market. The main benefit of composite as a building material is exceptional resistance against weather-damage and stains. In addition, the decking panels are lightweight, so they are relatively easy to install. There are different types of composite decking products, but the most advantageous is the wood plastic composite. This material is fabricated using wood fibres incorporated into a plastic polyethylene matrix. The plastic components eliminate the risk of rotting and the panels cannot be attacked by pests. It is a perfect choice for your home if you love the natural appeal of wood but dislike the maintenance demands of timber.


If you are embracing the modern green environmentally-friendly practices in your construction and home improvement projects, consider utilising bamboo as your decking material. The plant provides beautiful planks whose appeal is the same as in standard natural wood. In addition, bamboo is a sustainable resource since the plant grows quickly. If you choose to install this material, choose high-quality treated products to ensure strength and durability.

You can choose other building supplies, including vinyl, polyvinyl chloride and even metals like aluminium.