Ideal Material Options for Café Furniture

The furniture in your café will affect the aesthetics, function and even general comfort of the space. Therefore, it is crucial to explore the assorted products in the market before selecting the right ones for your application. The ideal café furniture should be stylish so as to improve the visual appeal of your space. The products should be durable and hardwearing because weaker alternatives will result in premature failure. One of the important factors to evaluate during your selection process is the material. This aspect will determine the durability of your furniture, the aesthetics, potential maintenance requirements and your expenses. Here are the common materials that you should consider when buying your café furniture.


The consistent popularity of wood in furniture making can be attributed to the authentic visual appeal presented. The wooden look can be incorporated into both traditional and contemporary cafés. In addition, if you want a more modern look for the contemporary style, you can paint the surfaces to match your preferred style. 

The durability of the pieces will depend on the exact type of wood used in the fabrication. Trees such as redwood, oak and mahogany produce the most resilient furniture. These are ideal for the outdoor café environment because they cannot sustain easy damage. Cheaper alternatives such as pine and fir can be treated to improve resiliency, but they are susceptible to rotting when exposed to moisture in the outdoor environment.


Plastic is inexpensive compared to wood, so the material is perfect for your café if you are working with a small budget. The appeal of the furniture will depend on the creativity of your manufacturer. Generally, you can get unique plastic furniture pieces because the material is versatile with regards to fabrication. Moreover, you can choose your preferred colour from an assortment of hues. Plastic furniture is waterproof and easy to maintain, so the long-term maintenance costs are minimal. You will also get prolonged service as long as you choose strong, commercial-grade pieces.


Diverse metals are used in the construction on furniture, so you should consider this material option when buying your café pieces. Aluminium is an ideal choice because of its resistance to corrosion. It is also lightweight, so you can rearrange and move the furniture easily, without extra assistance. Steel and wrought iron are heavy-duty materials, and they are extremely durable, available in diverse designs and not prone to warping. Unfortunately, they will rust if surface maintenance is neglected.

For more information about these and other options for your cafe furniture, contact a local furniture retailer.