Five Tips for Making Your Outdoor Cushions Last As Long As Possible

Cushions make outdoor furniture more comfortable and inviting, and they can also add a fun splash of colour to your outdoor decor. However, if you want your cushions to last as long as possible, you need to take care of them. Here are five tips to help you protect your outdoor cushions:

1. Keep your cushions in the shade.

To protect your outdoor furniture, you may want to shade it from the sun. The sun can wear down fabric and other materials, and it can also cause cushions to fade. To block the sun, shade your patio space. Use a tree, hang up outdoor curtains or install a sunsail over your patio.

2. Take cushions inside during storms and the off-season.

If a bad storm is forecast for your area, take the cushions from your outdoor furniture inside. Outdoor cushions are typically made with water-resistant material, but that doesn't mean that you want them to get soaked in a rain storm. If the cushions become soaked, they risk growing mold or mildew if they don't dry quickly enough. In addition, if there are intensive winds, you risk your cushions blowing away.

Also, take your cushions inside during the off season. Ideally, you do not want them sitting on your patio getting full of fall leaves or winter snows.

3. Invest in covers.

If you don't have space to bring your cushions inside, invest in covers for your outdoor furniture. Covers provide an extra layer of protection against wind, rain and other elements. If the covers get worn out, you can just replace them, and your cushions and outdoor furniture should be perfectly fine underneath.

4. Clean off oils and stains on a regular basis.

Even if your cushions are covered when not in use, they still may get dirty when you use them. To help them last as long as possible, spot clean them on a regular basis. This removes oils that may break down the fabric over time, and it helps to prevent stains from setting in the furniture.

5. Remove crumbs and use pests deterrents.

In addition to cleaning off spots and stains, make sure that you shake the cushions or vacuum them to remove crumbs. If your cushions harbour crumbs, they may attract mice, who may end up scratching your cushions or even ripping them apart to make nests. In addition, you may want to spray a fabric friendly pest deterrent on your cushions.