Choosing a New Bed: King or Queen?

When you're choosing new bedroom furniture, then you may have to decide whether to get a king-size or queen-size bed. While cost may be an issue here—a larger king-sized bed may cost more than a slightly smaller queen—there are other factors to consider. What are they?

How Big Is Your Bedroom?

The space you have in your bedroom affects the size of bed you choose. Whole both king- and queen-size beds are usually the same length, they do come in different widths—a king is wider than a queen, for example. If you have a large-enough bedroom to put a king bed in with plenty of space around it for furniture and for you to move comfortably around the bed, then you may prefer a bigger bed. If your bedroom is small or if you're buying a bed for a guest bedroom, then a queen-sized bed may be a better fit.

How Big Are You?

If you'll be sharing your bed with your partner, then your size may have a bearing on your ultimate bed choice. Height may not be an issue here, as both options are the same length, but your own widths may be a factor. For example, if one or both of you are on the portly side, then a wider bed may be more comfortable for you. This would give you plenty of room for both of you to fit in the bed with enough space to sleep.

Tip: If you, or your partner, are very tall, then even a king-sized bed may be a little on the short side. It might be better to look at a custom-made bed or a longer model such as a California king.

How Well Do You Sleep?

While many people sleep like babies, falling asleep as soon as their heads hit their pillows and staying asleep peacefully all night, other people don't sleep so well. If one of you suffers from insomnia or is a restless sleeper, then the person in the other half of the bed may also have a restless night. If your partner bounces around the bed all night, changing position, then your sleep may well be disturbed too. If you have a restless sleeper or insomnia in the mix, then a queen-size bed may start to feel a little too small. On the other hand, a king-size bed may give you both some useful separate space.

If you still aren't sure which size of bed to go for, visit your local furniture store and talk to its bed specialists. They will be a useful source of extra advice and, if the store has a showroom, you can try out different sized beds to see how they feel.