3 Ways an Electric Recliner Chair Relieves Arthritis

If arthritis makes it hard for you to sit comfortably, then your current sofa and armchairs may not be as comfy as they used to be. If you struggle to relax on these seats, then it may help to buy an electric recliner chair. Why?

1. Choice of Positions

If your arthritis makes it hard for you to find comfortable positions to sit in, then a recliner chair may boost your options. These chairs start off in a regular upright position. You can then move them into different configurations to find the most comfortable way to sit.

You can tilt that chair back to create more of a lying position. You can raise the leg rest to elevate your feet. This range of movements makes it easier to find a position that you can rest in without triggering arthritis issues.

2. Better Body Support

You may not find it comfortable to sit in a regular armchair or on a standard sofa right now. The seats may not support your body in the right ways. However, if you don't have the right support, your arthritis pain may get worse.

For example, your body may feel strained when you try to keep your position on squashy seats with a lot of give. Sitting on harder chairs may not give you full back support.

Electric recliners tend to be more supportive. As you change the position of the seat to get comfy, the chair moulds to your body and supports your weight. This enables you to sit more naturally and takes the strain off arthritic hotspots.

3. Easier Control

If you have arthritis in your hands, then you probably have trouble getting out of standard armchairs and sofas, especially if they have soft and deep cushioning. You have to use your hands to push off the seat when you want to stand up and this can hurt.

While non-electric recliners may be easier to use, you may still have problems using the chair's controls to get into an upright position. However, an electric seat does all the work for you. As long as you can push the buttons on the remote, you control the chair's movements.

If you use a specialist riser chair, then you can use its controls to put the chair — and you — into more of a standing position. This makes getting out of the chair far less painful.

To learn more about electric recliners and their features, talk to furniture retailers.